Pieter Ombregt · 1980-2007
"We are losing our ability to communicate and make ourselves comfortable around others. The day, as we compose it, has become a series of scheduled activities and not of perceptions. When we talk about our day, we talk about what we did or crammed in, not what we noticed or thought."

Pieter Ombregt, born in 1980 in Kanegem (Tielt), Belgium, came to the United States in 2003 to study photography at Columbia College Chicago.

His work was featured in the New Trends in Chicago Photography exhibition at the Versionfest 2006 International (Version>06), and at C-Spaces Gallery, both in Chicago. In Europe, his XYSpacing Project was shown at Scenario Gallery in Bergen, Norway.

Pieter was awarded first place in photography at the Honors Exhibit of Columbia College in 2005. He was nominated for the Photography Masters Cup 2008 in the category ‘Fine Arts’. While in Chicago he worked as a preparator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography and as an assistant photographer at the Paul Elledge Studio.

An accomplished cyclist, Pieter died on September 11, 2007, from injuries he sustained earlier that day in a bicycle racing accident. www.chicagobikeracing.com/index.php/site/post/pieterombregt

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